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How a Reading Changes Your Life

Frequency of Pet Reincarnation

Thanks, Lisa,  it was an amazing experience for me.  I went in with belief and trust, but without any clear expectations, and the session blew me away.  You were so accurate, I have no doubt that you were connected to Anna.  Some of the things you said were so spot-on they made me laugh.  In my heart, I just know it was Anna. 


You helped me to understand and appreciate my relationship with her at a deeper level.  By about the 15 minute mark, I was already full up, and by the end, I was overwhelmed and finding it hard to find words.  I spent the next hour just going "wow ... wow..." 


Thank you for adding so much joy and profundity to my life, and allowing Anna to speak through you. 


~ Ed Anderson, June 2019~

Lisa Miller Animal Communicator
Connect with Living Pet

Answers from your Pet's Point-of-View!


* Health

* Behavior

* Food Sensitivities

* End of Life Questions

* New Addition to Family (People or Pet)

Sessions are done by phone and photograph only. 

Session is 1/2 hr  (1-2 pets) or 1 hr phone (3+ pets) via conference call.

Connect with Deceased Pet


A photograph in which I can clearly see your pet's eyes allows me to quickly connect as they share  their personality, memories of time spent with you, conditions around their passing or understanding of choices you made regarding their passing.  They may explain their soul purpose for being in your life, what signs they use when they come for visits to show they are still with you.

Sessions are done by phone and photograph only. 

Session is 1/2 hr (1-2 pets) or 1 hr phone (3+ pets)

via conference call



I will not diagnose medical conditions as I am not a veterinary doctor, nor will I guarantee behaviorial changes in your pet, as I am not an animal trainer. I can help pets understand your perspective, but they have free will as to how they will behave.  As a communicator, I can tell you what they think, feel and see; from their point-of-view.  

Lisa Miller Pet Psychic
Why Work with An Animal Communicator?  
Hidden Insight is Often Validated; even 4 years later!

Dear Lisa,

I must contact you with a very sad heart. Four years ago you told me my Doberman had something going on in her elbow, shoulder and the left front. You asked if she limped or showed any pain. At that time she showed no signs. I took her for x-rays two months later, but the Doctor saw nothing except some fattening on the shoulder bone, that there wasn’t anything to be concerned about. Several month later I spoke to a Orthopedic Rehab specialist and showed him the x-rays. He said he thought something was there but could not tell and that I could take her to his clinic to check it out. I didn't do that. Several months later, while doing bite work, Scarlett yelped! I took her back for more x-rays and doctor again gave her a clean bill of health.


Recently, we were letting her out; she was going fast and injured herself. She screamed like I have never heard before. We rushed her to the Emergency Clinic. They did x-rays and her bone from the shoulder to elbow was totally broken in two. The ER doctor said she could have her in surgeon in the morning but they would probably have to remove the leg. She was more concerned about how the bone looked. You could see a big difference in the whole bone from the shoulder to the elbow. She believed Scarlett had cancer in the bone and later called with news it was cancer, even without doing a biopsy. The radiologist said he saw nodules in her lungs. We had to make the decision to put her to sleep. I laid on the floor with my arm around her and felt her heart stop beating.


You saw that years ago. You are marvelous. In hind sight I wish I had pushed harder for a diagnosis. Scarlett was an awesome dog.

On a happier note, my big boy that you said had something going on with his heart (which he did but I did not tell you before hand), is now six years old. He is on lots of meds. He appears strong and is loving as always. You said he had an old soul -- that describes him totally.


You are special. I cannot believe how much you told me and EVERYTHING was true!


~ Lynne Sizemore, May 2019 ~ 

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