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Soul Retrieval





Soul Retrieval is a distance healing modality used to retrieve missing or lost pieces of your soul that separated from you at some time in your life due to unprocessed trauma. In order to protect your psyche, your emotions, your inner health, many people will disassociate from experiences in order to survive or push forward.  This modality is for those that either do not want to go the traditional way of talking with a  therapist or those that have tried without success.  Soul Retrieval is recommended only for people serious about the commitment of doing the work self-healing requires.  


The session is usually one and one half hours of identifying the missing soul pieces, healing them, and reuniting them with your soul.  The real work begins with what you do after the session as you explore the deeper symbolism of the soul pieces, the trauma around them, how to let go of outdated ways of thinking/being, and make a daily commitment to changing your future so that true healing begins to shape the authentic you that you were before the trauma and become after the work.

$250 for one hour

$350 for one and one half hours (recommended)

Sessions will be invoiced after appointment is scheduled.

Please read policies prior to requesting appointment.

Reiki Treatment

Shamanic & Usui Reiki





Shamanic Reiki is a distant intuitive healing modality used to clear pathway blockages, extract energetic implants of objectives such as knives, daggers, swords, plates and armor, clear the aura of intrusive negative thoughts and feelings and to bring in protective healing through light, thought, and intention. 

The recommended session is one hour, however, half hour sessions are good for a tune up if you have already received reiki within the last six months.  It is not based on a particular belief system or faith and can never cause harm or damage since the psychical body is not touched.  All energy is 'beamed in' through the hands. Distance does not lessen the effects, which may last for days to weeks depending on how you follow through with your own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual care.

$ 250 for one hour

$ 125 for half hour

Sessions will be invoiced after appointment is scheduled.

Please read policies prior to requesting appointment.

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