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Changing Lives One Person at a Time

With over 600 positive reviews, I am the bridge between the living and those that have crossed over to the realms of spirit.  Your loved ones 'never really leave you' as they share an awareness of your present life, past memories and signs of visitation.


Psychic Sessions are for seeking insight or guidance around a personal issue...I will give as much detail as I can to empower you to make positive choices for your highest good as well as those around you.

Lisa Miller Psychic Consultant
Spirit Contact


Spirits are loving souls that come forward as we connect in partnership.  Get excited.  Be open and receptive to their validation of continuity, loving memories and healing messages as well as signs of how they visit you.  I recommend waiting 3-6 months after the passing of your people before making a connection so you have time to grieve and begin healing the heart. If you wish to connect with a pet, do so when you are ready.  Pets are eager to say 'hello' and bring you comfort and healing.

Session is 1 hour phone via conference call

Psychic Consultation 


The best psychic connections between reader and sitter include a focus on your specific questions, intention for your highest good, receptivity to insight while letting go of what you think the outcome will be (expectations) and elevating your energy to the highest vibrations before, during and after the consultation.

Prepare priority questions so we focus on specifics in which you are seeking insight. You'll have given thought to your situation and may be seeking affirmation to what you 'know' or a different perspective.  A question is like an anchor; it allows me to quickly connect to your concern, provide validation I am connected and move forward with potential paths and insight.

Session is 1/2 hour phone (1-3 questions)

or 1 hour phone (4+ questions) via conference call

Past Life Reading


In a past life reading (multiple lives) I will relay the feelings and images of several lives, which often lead to a common thread or connection between your past and current life.  A past life reading can help you recognize abilities you developed in the past and discover talents and hidden skills you may have today. Entertainment only; not therapy.

Session is 1/2 hr- 1 hour phone via conference call

Spiritualist Medium Lisa Miller
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